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Our animals

Animals are an important part of life at St. Luke's. In May we had 10 eggs arrive at school and we decided to keep four of the chickens. We have a super area for our chickens. Our chickens are called Monica, Rachel, Phoebe and Bella.


We have now two tortoises. They were born in September 2013. They are called Esio and Trot.


On the 27th January we introduced 4 new male guinea pigs - they will be named soon. 


We also sponsor a beautiful black Labrador. He is specifically trained as a hearing dog for the deaf.


See below newspaper articles about our animals.


Our Farm Manager is called Mrs Bagguley. She is super at making sure our chickens, tortoises and guinea-pigs are looked after. In September Mrs Watson and Mrs Bagguley started an Animal Welfare Club - these children help look after the animals.

Baby guinea pigs