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Teaching Assistants

Picture 1 K. Goetzee Reception
Picture 2 D. Thirwall Reception
Picture 3 A. Watson Y1
Picture 4 D. Wiles One to one (R and Y3)
Picture 5 J. Slater One to one (Y2)
Picture 6 P. Cooper One to one (Y5)
Picture 7 F. Shenton Sports Coach
Picture 8 M. Bryan Y5
Picture 9 C. Leese Y4
Picture 10 D. Smy HLTA
Picture 11 V. Lovatt One to one (Y5)
Picture 12 K. Bagguley One to one (Y6)
Picture 13 S. Hicklin (Y6)
Picture 14 D. Court (Y5)
Picture 15 J Capper (Y3)
Picture 16 B Degg (Y5)
Picture 17 J Gifford (Y2)