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At St Luke's CE Primary School, we believe that introducing foreign language teaching to children in KS2 will foster a desire for learning languages and will deepen children’s understanding of the world. Learning a language can open doors to future employment and can provide valuable insight into other countries, cultures and societies.


For many years now, the children have been learning French as their modern foreign language. However, the first language taught in all of our secondary feeder schools is Spanish. Having spoken to the heads of languages in all of our local feeder schools, we now feel that it would be more beneficial for our children to switch to learning Spanish instead of French.


Through teaching Spanish, we aim to provide our children with a solid basis of language skills. By the end of Year 6, the children will have been taught to listen, understand, speak and write in basic Spanish.





At St Luke's CE  Primary School, we use La Jolie Ronde scheme of work to structure and support our Spanish lessons. La Jolie Ronde has been chosen because it is a high-quality, established programme which is written specifically for teaching languages to young children. This fully-resourced scheme also allows non-specialist teachers to deliver language teaching with confidence, ensuring that there is clear and steady progression in spoken and written language skills.




♫ SPANISH Numbers Song 1-20 ♫ Contar hasta 20 ♫ Comptine des Chiffres en Espagnol ♫ Learn Spanish

¿De qué color es? (Spanish Colours Song)