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Meet the Team

To see photos of our staff please click the image below.

We have also got a very informative section on our Governors - please click on the link below to discover who are our Governors are and what they have done in school recently. 

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs Sam Ray                                                Executive Headteacher

Miss Gemma Whittingham                            Executive Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Kimberley Foy                                       Assistant Headteacher and SENCO

Miss Rachel Stafford                                   Curriculum Lead and Maths Lead

Mr Shaun Slater                                           Literacy Lead



Class Teachers


Reception      Mrs Long

Year 1            Mr Bailey

Year 2           Mr Slater

Year 3           Mr Bartels

Year 4           Mr Hawkins

Year 5           Miss Kirkham

Year 6           Miss Stafford

Interventions Teacher - Mrs Smith and Miss French


Clerical and Site Manager


Executive Bursar                   Mrs Carpenter

Site Manager                         Mr Samuel


Home School Links


Parent and Pupil Support  Mrs Caroline Begley


Teaching Assistants


Reception  Mrs Huxley, Mrs Anderson, Miss Court, Miss Capper and Miss Ashbolt

Year 1       Mrs Bonsall

Year 2      Mr Hicklin and Mr Shenton

Year 3      Mrs Jennings, Miss Thirlwall and Miss James

Year 4      Mrs Bagguley and Mrs Wiles

Year 5      Mrs Lovatt and Miss Sutton

Year 6      Mrs Slater


Extra Curricular Staff


PE                      Mr Shenton 

Music                 Mr Will 

Dance                 Mr Case

Art                     Mrs Brown

Forest Schools   Mrs Long