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Spirituality in the Curriculum

Spirituality at St Luke's


“Spirituality is about our relationships with ourselves, our
family, friends, those around us, to God and to all of creation.”
Prof. Ursula King


Spirituality is not just the development of the tangible but also the intangible, the tingling moments that help to shape our ideas, values and belief in ourselves and others.


To talk about spirituality is, essentially, to talk about something which is beyond words. To make conversations about spirituality more accessible to every member of our school community.


This language of spirituality begins from a Christian understanding that everyone is a valued creation, individually and uniquely made by God, like pots made by a potter (Isaiah 64:8). Yet, in life things happen that impact on the physical ‘pot’ of life and create cracks that provide a glimpse of something ‘beyond’ the tangible. Christians would view this as an opportunity to relate to the Divine Creator God.


Cracks may be caused when something so good and breath-taking happens that the pot expands and cracks – the wows of life.


Cracks may happen when something challenging happens and threatens the comfort of everyday – the ows of life.


Cracks can also happen in the stillness and ordinariness of everyday – the nows of life, when a moment of stillness, a pause or prayer creates a crack in the normal, physical every day. In these special moments there is a spiritual opportunity. Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken ceramics with golden joinery or glue, creates something that has been broken into something even more beautiful. Using this metaphor, the wows, ows and nows of life offer the possibility of cracks that are filled with gold and make the pot even more beautiful. The gold in the cracks reflect a little of the wonder of spirituality.


New Life - Original Bowl




Experienced Life - cracks are our WOW, OW and NOW moments that make us unique





St Luke’s Church of England Primary School uses this language and the concepts of wows, ows and nows. These are used to explore relationships with:

  • ourselves
  • others
  • the wider natural world and beyond
  • and offering the invitation to relate to God