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Maths Meetings

An important aspect of Mathematics Mastery is the daily Maths Meeting, which is used to consolidate key areas of mathematics in the class. Maths Meetings provide an opportunity to teach and revise 'general knowledge maths' which may not explicitly be covered during the maths lesson, and also allows the daily integration of maths into the surrounding environment. This means that pupils are practising concepts and skills on a regular basis, meaning they are continually building on their mastery of these concepts.

Maths Meetings are a positive part of the day that everyone looks forward to and pupils are fully engaged with. Singing and chanting form an integral part of the Maths Meetings, and in every class there is a Maths Meeting board as a visual structure for pupils to become familiar with. The elements of maths covered in Maths Meetings are fun and enjoyable for pupils, so it is important that pupils appreciate, learn from and relish these experiences.

Maths Meetings are used in all year groups within our school, as it gives teachers opportunities to reinforce and consolidate key areas of the curriculum, and also allows time to introduce topics and concepts that may be part of the next unit. It is also useful to practise recall and number fluency.