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Shakespeare March 2022

Shakespeare week launched


This week, children throughout our school have embarked on a whole-school learning journey about William Shakespeare and one of his plays called 'Much Ado About Nothing'. All year groups have been learning about what makes William Shakespeare and his plays so well-loved in this modern day and have been taking part in lots of drama-based lessons based on this. Children have been using drama to learn about 'Much Ado About Nothing' and have been exploring Shakespearean language, characters, plots and sub-plots. This exposure to drama opportunities based around such a famous play has been well-received by our children throughout the school and we have already noticed an increase in confidence to perform in front of others as well as using a broader, rich level of vocabulary. Our children's love for Shakespearean learning has also become evident in the writing produced this week. With writing ranging from write-ups and diary entries about the dramatic wedding between Hero and Claudio to writing Shakespearean insults between the bickering duo of Beatrice and Benedick, it is safe to say the children have had a truly brilliant week of learning. We can't wait to see what they produce next week.


As part of this, Lyla (Y5) and Lucas (Y6) had the chance to visit the New Vic Theatre and take part in some very special Shakespeare Ambassador training with the view to making St Luke’s learning about Shakespeare even more exciting.

Performing at The New Vic

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On Wednesday 29th June, seven of our drama-enthused children took part in a very special Shakespeare performance at the New Vic Theatre! After months of hard work and dedication with rehearsals, the children performed the opening of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' along wide other schools from the area. The children dazzled the audience with superb speaking and stagecraft, with members of the Royal Shakespeare Company commenting on how loud and clear their voices were. The children really enjoyed their day and we are all so proud of you!
It was fantastic to see our drama-infused Literacy curriculum giving our children such amazing life experiences.