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Educational Visits

School Trips Overview For Parents

Going on school trips is an important part of the extra curricular timetable we are able to provide for the pupils at our school. The children are able to enjoy the wealth of museums, historical places of interest and art galleries that Staffordshire and the surrounding area has to offer. In addition we also have educational workshops who come in to lead special sessions for the children.

Each class / year group has the opportunity to go on a trip several times a year. We will upload a list for the proposed trips for the forthcoming academic year on the school calendar.


Risk Assessments

At St. Luke’s we have robust procedures in place that further supports our commitment to safeguarding of our pupils and staff. Whenever there is an educational visit (day trip or school journey) the lead teacher(s) always complete the schools Educational Visits Risk Assessment form. The risk assessment includes information ensuring:

  • A first aider is always on a trip;
  • Emergency exits and planning for unexpected events are always accounted for;
  • Risk assessments are read and signed by the Headteacher two weeks before a trip;
  • Any risk that is medium or high is assessed and provision is given to lower the risk;
  • The needs of children with special education needs or medical provision / disability is accounted for and recorded in the risk assessment;
  • Appropriate arrangements with regard to security are planned for.


Education Visits Safeguarding Review 

The Leadership and Chair of Governors meet on a termly basis to carry out a review of proposed educational visits and school journeys. At each review we are mindful of the current level of safety and security in surrounding towns/cities.