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Autumn Term 2 2021

Year 1 (Busy Bees)
During the Autumn 2 term, the Busy Bees were learning all about people who help us. Our book was Mary Seacole and we wrote a thank you letter to her. We also had a visit from a police man and we had written our own questions for him. We also wrote about what we wanted to be when we were older and used adjectives in our descriptions.


Year 2 (Eager Elephants)
We have had a wonderful half term getting excited for Christmas reading The Polar Express. We have written diary entries as an elf, imagining that we work at the North Pole. We also wrote a persuasive letter to Santa with what we’d like for Christmas. We have written from the perspective of one of the characters from our book and also done some super setting descriptions as the train from our story travelled to the North Pole.


Year 3 (Dazzling Dolphins)
During the second half of the Autumn term, Dazzling Dolphins have based their writing around Alan Garner's book, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen.

The story is set in Alderley Edge and follows the fate of 2 children who encounter the magical world of wizards, dwarves and goblins.

The novel has helped us to write fantastic descriptions of Svarts and wizards, diaries of the children after meeting the wizard Cadellin and a retell of the Legend of Alderley Edge. We have used drama to re-enact parts of the story and dialogue between characters to help us to add direct speech to our retell.


Year 4 (Super Sloths)
During Autumn 2, we read ‘A Mummy Ate my Homework’ which related to our Ancient Egyptian topic. We explored the use of drama to help develop our creative skills and to further our understanding of expression and emotion of the characters. This helped us produce writing such as letters, poetry and a historical story. We really enjoyed creating our own dilemma stories, using techniques such as fronted adverbials and conjunctions. 


Year 5 (Performing Pandas)
Performing Pandas’ writing took a festive turn this half term as the children based their writing around the much-loved text ‘The Christmasaurus’ written by Tom Fletcher. As part of this, they transformed their classroom into an estate agent to inspire them to create some beautiful travel writing about the North Pole. The children also used their innovative skills to write their own version of ‘The Christmasaurus’, focussing on his adventures on Santa’s sleigh. Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their roar-some writing and enjoyed performing it to their classmates even more!


Year 6 (Learning Leopards)
During the Autumn term, our writing focused around our class text 'Orphans of the Tide'. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring this novel and it gave us the opportunity to write in a range of different genres from descriptions, to diaries and letters. We focused our thinking on how the audience and purpose of a piece of writing affects the level of formality. We also worked on the complex concept of 'perspective' and how the perspective of different characters affects our writing.