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Autumn Term 1 2021

Year 1 (Busy Bees)

This half term the Busy Bees have been learning all about fairy tales.

We have focussed on two fairy tales in particular and these were Jack and The Beanstalk and Cinderella.

During our time looking at Jack and The Beanstalk we created story maps and wrote about our favourite part of the story. We then created an inside out diagram for Jack and used this to write speech bubbles. We also planted our own bean and wrote simple instructions for this.

Whilst we were reading Cinderella we wrote adjectives to describe her at the start of the story in her rags verses the middle of the story when she was at the ball. We then thought about what might happen in part 2 of Cinderella and acted this out before writing our very own Cinderella part 2. After this we baked a cake and planned a Cinderella ball including creating invitations.


Year 2 (Eager Elephants)

This half term in Eager Elephants we have been working hard to increase our writing stamina. 
We have written diaries as characters from our collection of African tales. We have sequenced and retold stories. We have focused on adjectives and used these in our writing of descriptions. We have enjoyed our drama lessons where we have learnt about mime, using our actions, movements and expressions to tell a story. We also saw Alexis Deacon at The Children’s Book show at Crewe Lyceum. We listened to his stories, watched him draw characters from his book and speak about his life. we wrote recounts about our trip. Alexis Deacon then came into our class the following day and did a workshop. He helped us to create our own alien characters and give them names and write a bit about them.


Year 3 (Dazzling Dolphins)

Dazzling Dolphins have had a fantastic half term in literacy, using Ted Hughes' Iron Man as inspiration. We have written: A letter of persuasion from Hogarth to the Iron Man. A newspaper article covering the Iron Man's challenge. A description of the Iron Man using similes. A menu for the Iron Man with super use of adjectives and alliteration.


Year 4 (Super Sloths)

This term we have been reading The Enormous Crocodile and exploring the characters, using drama, research and a variety of written work. We have used hot seating, acting and active learning to enhance our speaking and listening skills enabling us to produce wonderful pieces of work which includes poetry, stories, non-chronological reports and a letter.



Year 5 (Performing Pandas)

This half term, the Performing Pandas have engaged with two fantastic texts to help them with their writing. The first text was 'The Lost Words', a group of nature-themed poetry aimed to inspire children to experience the wonders of the outdoors. Using this text, the children have written fantastic poetry from the viewpoint of a kingfisher using amazing descriptive vocabulary throughout. They also had chance to research the effects of climate change too, which led to them writing persuasive letters to President Joe Biden to encourage him to combat global warming!


The second text Year 5 have used is 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. The children used Speaking & Listening skills to debate whether Michael, the main character in the story, should sail around the world on the Peggy Sue or stay at home instead. They have used Drama to act out Michael's adventures on the seas and have written in their own ship's log about the wonderous things they have experienced on their travels. Finally, the children have used their modal verbs magnificently when writing a guide on how to survive in the forest, which mirrors the predicament Michael and Stella the dog have gotten themselves into.


Year 6 (Learning Leopards)

This half term we have written in a wide range of different genres. We have had a big focus on perspective, writing diaries and descriptions from the perspective of different characters. The other area that we have focused on is formality, we have learned about the level of formality and how the audience and purpose of a piece of writing affects this. We have written formal and informal letters and also newspaper articles.