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Monitoring and Challenge

Our Governors as part of their role come into school to monitor different parts of school life. Every term they get an extensive report of what happens in school but it is always worthwhile seeing the school in action.


Please see below a timetable of who is coming into school this term and what evidence they will be looking at.

Jan Phillips - met with Mrs Ray to discuss Performance Management Evidence and recommendations  (Completed)
Doreen Belcher - met with Mrs C. Begley about all areas of Safeguarding (Completed)
Reverend Peter Jones - met with Mr S. Hewitt to perform a learning walk (Completed)
Mech Carpenter - to perform a pupil interview based on maths meeting and mastery (Completed)
Jan Phillips - to perform a learning walk on classroom environments (Completed)
Jim Cartlidge - to complete pupil interviews on ESafety with Kim Siegertsz
Barbara Grosvenor - to meet with Mrs C. Begley on SEND provision (Completed)
Richard Tunnell - Pupil Interviews on marking (Completed)
Jim Cartlidge - Learning Walk on class ambassadors, behaviour and Working Walls (Completed)
Jan Phillips - Assessment and Pupil Progress Meeting Discussion 
Doreen Belcher - Safeguarding (Completed)
Mechele Carpenter - meet with Miss G. Whittingham re. Maths Leadership (Completed)
Barbara Grosvenor - meet with Miss S. Garner re. Literacy Leadership (Completed)
Jan and Jim - complete a Learning Walk focus on impact of TAs, Class Ambassadors and Classroom Environment (Completed)
Barbara Grosvenor - Meet with Mrs K. Foy  regarding Literacy and action plans (Completed)
Jim - met with Mrs J. Graham regarding Online Safety and Computing Action Plan (Completed)
Andrea Cartlidge - met with Miss H. Glebocki for SEN Updates (Completed)
Seb Daly - meet with Gemma W to complete Learning Walk (Completed)

Claire Smith - met with Andrea Long regarding PSHE (Completed)

Doreen  - met with Caroline who has been updated on the new Safeguarding Policy (Completed)
Carole Kind - met with Sophie Mills to discuss Science and PSQM (Completed)
Jim and Jan - met with SR to go through the Governor Action Plan 2016/17 (Completed)
John Cheetham meet with Gemma Whittingham and Beki Johnson to focus Mathematics Mastery (Completed)
Reverend Peter Jones and Reverend Peter Chantry to meet Simon Hewitt to discuss Collective Worship.
Sam Ray to meet with Jan Phillips and Jim Cartlidge to discuss Raise Online (Completed)
Sam Ray to meet with Jan Phillips and Jim Cartlidge to discuss Finance and Personnel and Raising Achievement - Curriculum Sub Committees. (Completed)
Barbara Grosvenor - Learning Walk - focus on basic skills and marking  (Spring Term 2017)
Jim and Jan to conduct a Learning Walk and pupil Interview (Completed)